Interactively manage your GMail inbox from the command line.

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Usage (Auto-Generated)

usage: manage-gmail

Enter an interactive shell for managing a GMail inbox.


    [Deleting promotions and social network emails]
    >> baseInbox = GMailCorpus('').Inbox(1000)
    >> baseInbox.clean()
    >> baseInbox = GMailCorpus('').Inbox(1000)

    [Get all senders of unread emails]

    >> unreadInbox = baseInbox.fromUnread()
    >> print(unreadInbox.getSenders())

    [Read all unread emails from specific senders]

    >> msgs = unreadInbox.fromSenders(['', '']).getMessages()
    >> for msg in msgs:
    >>   print(msg.getText())

    [Mark an entire sub-inbox as read]

    >> subInbox.markAllAsRead()